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Welcome to GQREA (Global Quest Real Estate Association)!

GQREA (Global Quest Real Estate Association) is dedicated to helping consumers buy, refinance, remodel, or sell real estate. We offer free appraisal estimates, referral services, relocation advice, real estate consulting, property advertising, and real estate education.
GQREA's free consumer services can help you Sell quickly for the maximum price, find great real estate deals, refinance for the lowest rate, get a loan, or get a free estimate from a licensed contractor in the next 48 hours. Call (800) 212-2805 and schedule an appointment for any day and time. You can also book interviews using this website.
Ask real estate questions, get advice, schedule interviews, and receive recommendations! Connect with top-rated real estate professionals, lenders, and contractors! Book online or call (800) 212-2805.
GQREA is a global real estate association which helps real estate agents, lenders, and contractors provide excellent service to their clients. Our members subscribe to a strict code of ethics, utilize the latest technology, can advertise properties around the world, work with overseas buyers, and are experienced licensed professionals. GQREA also engages in public relations activities including advertising, education, lobbying and publishing. Benefits for real estate professionals include access to international property advertising, real estate training, and state-of-the-art business software.
Working with the Global Quest Real Estate Association gives you access to an international network of buyers, sellers, renters, lenders, and properties. If you want to connect with top-rated and experienced professionals, make sure that they are rated, licensed, and recommended by GQREA.