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GQREA helps get the highest price possible when selling real estate.  We also provide free information about how to increase property values with remodeling and new construction projects.

If you would like to sell real estate and get the highest price possible, or if you need a free appraisal estimate to get your current market value, please call (800) 212-2805.  You may also schedule online using the form below.

GQREA helps you connect with licensed contractors that offer free estimates for remodeling and new construction projects such as solar, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and roofing.  Call (800) 212-2805 for a free estimate.


Sell Real Estate for the maximum price possible!

GQREA certified brokers can help you sell real estate and get the highest possible offers from motivated buyers across the US and around the world.  We work with friendly, successful, and honest real estate professionals who enjoy their careers and are the best in the industry.


Broker Price Opinions and Free Appraisal Estimates

Schedule a free broker price opinion and appraisal estimate for any property you wish to buy or sell.  Get a free professional market analysis, also known as broker price opinions (BPOs), or comparative market analysis (CMAs).

Call (800) 212-2805, schedule online, or send an email to Schedule@GQREA.org


Refinance, Purchase, or get a line of credit

If you would like to refinance or purchase property, call (800) 212-2805 and connect with a top-rated loan officer with access to the lowest rates and the best loan programs.  GQREA loan officers work for the largest national banks and brokers so they have access to government, state, county, local, and private loan programs.


New Construction, Remodeling, and Real Estate Development

If you would like a free estimate or ideas on how you can increase property values with new construction or remodeling projects, call (800) 212-2805 or schedule an estimate using the form below.  We can help you with projects such as roofing, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, doors, windows, concrete, or electrical.